Mexico: Anarchists In Mexico City Show Solidarity With Alfredo Cospito

from It’s Going Down

On February 8, 2023, anti-authoritarians and anarchists gathered outside the Instituto Italiano de Cultura (Italian Cultural Institute), a branch of the Italian Embassy in Mexico City. The objective was clear and concise: to denounce the Italian state for torturing and slowly killing the compañero Alfredo Cospito; and to show solidarity with the anarchist compañero who has been on a hunger strike for more than 110 days protesting his placement in the 41 bis isolation regime inside Italian prisons.

We know that this show of solidarity was just that, a mere wink. However, we chose to carry out this action to make visible the struggle of our compañero in his attempt to denounce one of the forms of torture endorsed by democratic states throughout the world. We believe that the struggle towards death being carried out by our compañero Alfredo must not be ignored by the anarchists of the world. It must must be supported with the very dignity and determination shown by the compañero: without making requests to the state, without negotiating with prison guards, without sitting to drink coffee with the torturers, without appealing to human rights or the innocence of anyone.

For that reason, it was not our objective to engage in dialogue with or petition the embassy authorities. Our objective was to show that we recognize the Italian State’s presence in our city, with “friendly” faces who turn a blind eye to the torture and assassination that they daily carry out against dissidents. Because once Alfredo surrenders his body to death, we will accompany his decision with rage, without looking back.

We are always imagining other ways in which we can act. We also have enough rage to be on Cospito’s side.

Compañero, you are not forgotten. Here we are, with our teeth sharpened, accompanying you on your journey.

Love live anarchy!

Down with 41 bis!

Free Alfredo Cospito!

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