Italy: Forty-One Arrested After Demonstration in Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito

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Clashes and demonstration in Trastevere in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito on 101st day of hunger strike (Rome, Italy 28th January 2023)

We are publishing a short contribution on the demonstration held Saturday 28th January in Rome in solidarity with comrade Alfredo Cospito 101 days from the beginning of the hunger strike.
Near the gathering in piazza Trilussa – which lasted several hours and from which a demonstration had been unable to set off – after some of those present had slipped out of the encirclement, there were some clashes with the repressive forces, they soon found themselves in difficulty due to being partially surrounded and to the determination of comrades to hold the streets (but they managed to stop a comrade near Piazza Trilussa). After the clashes, a demonstration was held in the small streets of Trastevere.

At the end of the demo a few dozen comrades were stopped by the DIGOS, police in riot gear and carabinieri. All 41 people apprehended during the day, taken to the police station and released without restriction from the early hours of Sunday 29, were charged with Article 337 of the Criminal Code (resisting a public official). Below is a brief informative note issued on 29 January itself.

In these days when the comrade’s health condition is rapidly and dramatically worsening, with this initiative the comrades present affirmed the importance of a presence and consequent conflictual practice to be held in the streets, in solidarity with Alfredo in support of the hunger strike. We continue the struggle with rage and determination. Alfredo out from 41 bis!

* * *
Yesterday in Rome struggle in the streets against 41 bis and life imprisonment without parole, with Alfredo Cospito 101 days on hunger strike. The police wanted to surround the demonstrators, they were surrounded. The riot police in total confusion charged the DIGOS twice, managing to send one of them to hospital. The boss of the square wanted to prevent a harmless demo, he got two hours of wild demonstration in Trastevere, which resisted by barricading itself and repelling numerous charges in the alleys.
While it is true that most of the 41 arrested could have been avoided if it had been realised a few minutes earlier that the party was coming to an end, this does not detract one iota from the message of anger at the imminent execution of our comrade coming from the streets. If anything, it reinforces it.

A big thank you to all the rebels and solidarity with all those accused.

Long live anarchy!

via: Lanemesi translated by Act for freedom now!

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