US Bank and Wells Fargo Smashed for Tortuguita and Tyre Nichols

from Scenes from the Atlanta Forest


In response to the murders of Tyre Nichols and Tortuguita by fascist pigs, militants from occupied Dakota/Lakota/Anishinaabe land -so called Minneapolis- attacked two banks on the south side. US Bank and Wells Fargo were chosen due to their funding of “cop city” in the Weelaunee forest.

Militants tagged bank windows with “defend the forest”, “fuck 12”, “eat shit Frey” and “rest in peace Tortuguita and Tyre Nichols”.

Our message of solidarity extends past written words to the shattered windows and broken ATMs in our wake.

We appreciate the work of the bloc tonight in Minneapolis. Drawing the attention of and keeping distracted an entire city’s pig department is no easy task in these freezing temperatures. Your bravery is radiant.

Long Live the Forest
Rest in Power Tyre Nichols and Tortuguita
Eat Shit Frey
This is only the beginning <3

Submitted anonymously over email

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