Brazil: Italian Consulate Attacked With Oil in Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito

from Anarchist News

Sometimes anarchist presence is so scarce that, more than once, they’ve augured our disappearance. Sometimes our fury is so intense that it provokes fear, and long periods of internal explanatory purge. Sometimes many, sometimes few, but constantly and with much determination,
we’re always there for each other.

And it’s because of that, that more than once, the fire, the stones, the demonstrations  from Greece, Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Bolivia, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile…. illuminate different territories with a single intention: We’re here for you Alfredo, we hate everything and everyone that isolates you, and we support your struggle from the outside.

On the night of December 29, we did our part, we sabotaged the main entrance of the Italian Consulate with 25 liters of burnt oil, and we left some flyers that said:

«Em solidariedade com Alfredo Cóspito em greve de fome na Itália, há mais de 60 dias, contra o regime de morte chamado 41bis. Contra todas as
prisões. Viva a Anarquia».

«In solidarity with Alfredo Cóspito on hunger strike in Italy for more than 60 days, against the regime of death called 41 bis. Against all prisons. Long live Anarchy«.

May our hostile actions against domination, and their consequences, always find the complicity, the solidarity, and the anarchic affection of our comrades.

Long live Anarchy.

Comrades!!! Please we ask that you maintain the format of the communique to make undesired searches difficult.

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