Chile: Explosive Package Attack Against Oxiquim SA

from Anarchist News

The central offices of Oxiquim S.A. in Providencia, Santiago de Chile, were attacked with an anarchic attitude.

The high-powered device failed to explode due to a surmountable technical detail, so let’s go for more.

Oxiquim, giant of the Chilean chemical industry, direct supplier of the main extractive industries in the forestry, mining, agro-industrial and fishing sectors of the country.

Oxiquim, company presided by Fernando Barros Tocornal, businessman with a high level of influence in Chilean politics, direct lawyer of the dictator Pinochet, of the former president Sebastián Piñera and part of the board of directors of the animal exploitation company Agrosuper.

Oxiquim, with direct responsibility in the contamination and ecocide of the water, the territory and the inhabitants of Quintero-Puchuncaví, defended by the Chilean Navy in the protests against the so-called «sacrifice zones».

This is a new blow of revenge against those responsible for the devastation and destruction of the Earth. It is a new violent action from anarchic hands in conspiracy and permanent revolt. It is a new attack justified in the existence of domination. It is yet another insurrectionary action in the relentless struggle for Total Liberation.

Against the technological industrial complex that tries to exploit and rule every form of life, WE ARE WILD FORCE. Against the illusions of democracy and against all governments and those responsible for the devastation of the Earth, WE PROPOSE CHAOS AND ANARCHY.

We want the news of this action to reach the eyes and ears of the imprisoned anarchic comrades, claiming solidarity as the continuity of the attack against power outside and inside the prisons.

With special complicity we twin with the anarchist vegan nihilists arrested after the anti-speciesist attack against the animal exploitation company Susaron and with the anarchist prisoners Joaquín García, Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar. We also salute the high school students imprisoned for the anarchist riots in Santiago high schools and all those who from prison resist and struggle against the State and capital.

We send strength to Boris, Ivan and the anarchist prisoners in France. Strength to Erick King and the anarchist prisoners in the USA. Strength for Toby Shone in England. Strength for Gabriel and the anarchist prisoners in Spain. Strength for Anna, Davide, Juan and the anarchists imprisoned in Italy. Strength for Giannis Michailidis and the anarchists imprisoned in Greece, Russia, Czech Republic and all over the world.

Strength to all anarchists who take action.

This attack is part of the international campaign of solidarity with the anarchist prisoner Alfredo Cospito, on hunger strike against the isolation imposed by the Italian State. Alfredo, this one is for you.

For anarchic sedition against all expressions of civilized domination!
With all means of struggle against authority! With caution and courage!
To multiply anarchic attacks against power!

New Anarchic Subversions – Alex Núñez Cell*.
Informal Anarchist Federation.

*(Alex Núñez was one of the first people killed by the police in the midst of the October 2019 revolt in Chile).

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