UK: Bite Back Bunny Brigade Liberates Twelve Rabbits from Fur Farm

from Unoffensive Animal


Received anonymously via email:

“Fuck your fences, fuck your fur farm!

While Anne – a T&S fur farm worker- slept in her static caravan, we crept around nearby. We easily cut through the fence surrounding the farm and went straight for a pen, catching as many rabbits as we had homes for. The rabbits didn’t make it easy for us, they made so much noise but we moved quickly and in minutes filled a number of carriers. With just a few left we walked over to the hutches nearest to the caravan and looked in to see a mother and her babies, just old enough to survive a late night adventure. We scooped them and mum up and left.

Back through the hole in the fence and happy in the knowledge that these rabbits would make it and never see a fur farm again. Our twelve new friends have now found the happiest of forever homes. No more tiny hutches, instead they will feel the earth and be free to do the biggest zoomies – just as all rabbits in that hell hole should!

As long as there’s rabbits being farmed we will be watching this place and we will come back.

Fuck you Phil Kerry.

Love and rage,

The Bite Back Bunnies Brigade.

The actions of this night were carried out in memory of Regan Russell, killed on June 19th two years ago; and Aaron Francis, a Northants hunt saboteur who recently passed away. We will keep their memory alive by continuing to fight for liberation for all.”

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