Attack on Atlas Subsidary Office in Oakland in Solidary with Atlanta Forest Defenders

from Indybay

Photo not from action

Windows smashed at Atlas child engineering firm CEL in solidarity with Atlanta Forest Defenders. NO COP CITY.
We smashed windows at Consolidated Engineering Laboratories in Oakland, an Atlas company, cause smashing is fun, engineers suck, and they smashed our camp in Atlanta. Feel free to complete our work (534 23rd Ave) or copy-paste on your local engineering office (all engineers are bastards!)

We didn’t need a reason, but the hydra of industrial society has many heads and construction firm Atlas is one. They own Long Engineering, a familiar face in the attack on the Atlanta forest. They want to build a “cop city’ to train pigs to put down urban insurrections, and erect souless soundstages to make shitty movies. They’ve buddied up with the FBI and a clusterfuck of police agencies to unsuccessfully drive forest defenders out of the woods.

We hope they don’t succeed, but our eternal hostility remains. Let’s see how long these monuments to liberal society stand.

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