Incendiary Attack against the Construction of a Tesla Factory in Grünheide, Germany

from AMWEnglish

On the night of May 25 to 26, 2021, we attacked the power supply of the Gigafactory of Tesla, in Berlin-Grünheide, setting fire to six high voltage cables.

Tesla is neither green nor ecological nor social. Tesla is a company that exploits the land and lives of people on a global scale; it relies on (and reproduces) colonial conditions. Our fire stands against lies about green cars. Our goal was the sabotage of the construction site of the Gigafactory de Tesla. The end of the ideology of unlimited technological progress and the global destruction of the planet will not be done only by great words.

Against the progress of destruction – we put forward sabotage.

Climate strike for a different world!

Volcano Group: Against the progress of destruction

Note from Attaque: The Gigafactory of Tesla, currently under construction, should eventually produce 5500 cars per day (toy at 63000 euros). It should be the fourth of this kind in the world. The introduction, in German and English, reproduced above, is followed by a long text of claim, of which the beginning is:

On the night of May 25 to 26, 2021, with a fire, we successfully interrupted the power supply of the Gigafactory of Tesla in Grünheide. To do this, we have set fire to the power supply that passes through six high voltage cables (110,000 volts), in a closed corridor, 250 meters from the Tesla factory, in the immediate vicinity of the A10, at level of the Freienbrink exit. Since an interruption of cables, which have been temporarily placed on the surface exclusively for the factory, cannot be done without touching the regional electricity grid, we could not completely exclude power failures in the vicinity. Our intention was to hit Tesla’s shipyard, to complicate the work on the site for a day, to interrupt the construction of production facilities.

Since the local population will not be able to stop the construction so easily, because of the uneven force ratio (capital, politics and authorities against the interests of the residents, the advocate of the climate and ecologists), we bring our contribution to support each other by our sabotage. If our action succeeds, the richest man in the world will financially offset the interruption of the work – but the political damage is certain for him. […]

Volcano Group: Against the progress of destruction


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