Announcing: the 2021 Earth First! Summer Gathering

You are invited!

Lake Effect Earth First! is hosting the Summer Gathering in the Great Lakes region June 26th-July 1st, 2021.

We are excited to see you in the woods, reconnect and grow the movement together! Find out more on the website.

Donate or buy a fundraiser patch or t-shirt here to help cover the costs of this gathering. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Maine could use protection. I understand a former member is a candidate of bidens. Good for him. I hope he holds his own.snd doesn’t step back from protecting the earth’s enviroment. To many people in the wrong jobs. I live on one short rural road. Which.of recent has been allowed two gravel pits. The pond is full of green algae. Our governor wants to celebrate for the blueberry barons. Something wrong with that picture. I blame the arsenic problem and the kids with adhd onto their pesticides. Child labor was what they used for years. I know I was one of them. I was 7 when I road the truck in the cold damp early mornings into the fields.We had to stay until the truck was loaded at the end of the day. Sometimes it would be dark before we could leave. We left at 6 in the mornings. Is she celebrating child labor ?

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