Forest Defenders Requested in Mattole Watershed

by Save The Mattole’s Ancient Forest

On May 25, Humboldt Redwood Company filed commencement on the Rainbow Ranch timber harvest plan that threatens to fragment valuable habitat in the Mattole River watershed, all under the guise of so-called “sustainable forestry” and “restoration.” In the coming weeks, they plan to begin reopening roads that are starting to disappear, construct a new one through old growth madrones and douglas fir that sit on very loose slopes above a major creek, and destroy an unlogged grove of doug firs through a practice they call “variable retention” (a virtual clear cut with a few scattered trees left behind). We are in serious need of comrades to join us in the Mattole as soon as possible to help prepare a defense against this attack on a disappearing ecosystem. Logging old growth isn’t sustainable! Destroying spotted owl, red tree vole, pacific fisher, and marten habitat is not restoration! Eat miners lettuce! Viva Mattole!

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  1. I tried going to the take action link and it goes to what looks like a spam page. I am very interested in coming down. I am currently waiting for some paperwork and funds and would likely b able to come down the end of May.

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