Codex Alimentarius Endangers Health Freedom, Creates Global Nutricide

Health freedom activists have been warning about the dangers of Codex Alimentarius for years, revealing the strict universal food codes to be population control under the guise of consumer protection. In this video, Dr. Rima Laibow explains the details of this secretive and silent allegiance between the World Trade Organization and Big Biotechnology.

This week saw Codex Alimentarius’ decision to include cancer-causing Aspartame-​Acesulfame Salt, Sorbates and Sucroglycerides in its official list of permitted food additives.

In this week’s Examiner article, The Illusion of Health Freedom: You Are Free To Eat Exactly What You’re Told, author Dee Nicholson investigates how corporate giants like Monsanto are telling our government what they want, with government ignoring the harm and protecting their profits.

For decades, health freedom activists across North America have been scratching their heads, wondering if somehow vampires ate the brains of those who dictate natural health product regulations.

Despite being regaled with peer-reviewed scientific studies clearly showing efficacy, a notable absence of side effects, and a complete lack of dead bodies, these government agencies have steamrolled past the evidence and banned many thousands of perfectly safe products, leaving producers, and consumers alike, agape in disbelief.

Meanwhile, studies clearly crafted out of junk science made their way smoothly through health regulators, directing policy and throwing natural products under the bus. And where was mainstream media? Hopping all over the truth, as they should? Protecting their readers? Nope. Instead, the fourth estate spread the manure passing for scientific studies as though it were, well, manure.

Most recently, the New York Times’ Roy Cohen was fooled by one such study, and declared there was no actual benefit to eating organic foods.  Of course, what was left out was the fact that it is what is not in organically-grown produce, not any essential difference in the plants themselves, that makes the difference: Pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. It is the absence of these things that makes organic foods safer for all of us, but not according to the study!

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  1. Please be careful y’all, while I may agree to some extent on the Codex, I’ve heard some suspicious stories about Rima.

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