Support Needed for Arizona-based Activist Center

Since the 60’s there have been an array of spaces created to provide resources to communities — from soup kitchens to free schools to community gardens — sharing food and alternative education platforms have long been apart of our formula for social change, social justice and mutual aid. Today, there are hundreds of autonomous Food Not Bombs chapters world wide and countless social centers, infoshops and free schools maintained by volunteers. While many of these projects are made possibly solely through donations and volunteers, it is important for us to seek larger funding tools to help sustain our goals. Check out the following press release to learn how you can support one of the most effective and productive activist centers in the country!
“Right now there exists no other community action resource center in Arizona, so it’s imperative that a space like Táala Hooghan becomes more sustainable so information about grassroots efforts overlooked by the media continue to circulate within Arizona.” stated Hailey Sherwood, a volunteer with Táala Hooghan.
Organizations Join Forces to Purchase Center for Community Arts & Activism Contributions Needed for ‘Crowdfunding’ Campaign

FLAGSTAFF, AZ — Outta Your Backpack Media (OYBM) & Táala Hooghan Infoshop have joined forces with a new non-profit group called Siléí Community Empowerment Project (SCEP) to purchase a 4,500 sq ft community center for social & environmental activism.

For 5 years OYBM and Táala Hooghan have worked together to provide access to arts, activist resources, Indigenous youth empowerment, an all ages venue for musicians, and much more. “We’ve thought deeply, had hours and hours of meetings, consulted with other organizations and elders, and decided that not only is this possible, but this will enable us to have assured longevity of our vision and enable us to be more effective in our work.” said Klee Benally, a volunteer with SCEP. “We are deeply committed to ensuring that this community resource lives for generations to come.”

“We’ve already received a great amount of support and encouragement from our friends and neighbors,” said Ned Del Cajello a volunteer with OYBM & Táala Hooghan. “We are confident that through donations, community fundraisers, lending forward or ‘borrowing’ opportunities, matching funds, and other creative fundraising activities, we will secure the purchase of the building.”

Currently the groups have initiated a crowdfunding campaign through They have until October 3, 2012 to raise $10,000.00 for costs including an initial down payment.

By donating through the crowdfunding site contributors can get rewards such as a benefit compilation CD, signed books, heirloom seed packets, a limited edition t-shirt, even personal filmmaking workshops and more.

The campaign was 12% funded as of September 14, 2012.

SCEP will retain and manage the facility to ensure that the goals and vision of the center will be sustained for years to come. This will include a plan to maintain the building and property only for social and environmental justice community purposes beyond any perceived lifetime of current projects such as OYBM or Táala Hooghan.

OYBM will become a media justice and arts institute for Indigenous Youth that will facilitate year-round training in media justice and audio/visual production to support cultural and ecological justice in and around the southwest.
Táala Hooghan Infoshop will carry out its action statement for the “empowerment for youth and the greater community into action in favor of a more just and sustainable world” by having a more reliable, safe space that people know to go to for information and resources.

Since 2004, Outta Your Backpack Media (OYBM) has been growing and blossoming dynamically year by year. We have empowered hundreds of Indigenous youth to share their stories through our unique, free movie making workshops. In 2011, OYBM was one of a handful of youth organizations that were responsible for Flagstaff being recognized with the “100 Best Communities for Young People Award.”

In 2007 we partnered with Indigenous Action Media and Táala Hooghan infoshop to create our very own Youth Media Arts Center. Every part of both organizations’ effort has been 100% volunteer and supported by creative community based fundraisers.

More information about SCEP:
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