Radical Mycology: A Primer from the Spore Liberation Front

A  zine from the Spore Liberation Front exploring the numerous uses for mushrooms and their implications for ecoactivists and other Earth friendly folk. From food to medicine to paper and dyes to the amazing new field of mycorememdiation (the use of mushrooms to clean up oil spills and restore damaged habitats), this zine gives a thorough overview of the greater fungi with a novel, radical perspective.

Download here:

http://zinelibrary.info/files/Radical_Mycology.pdf (20.4 mb)

http://zinelibrary.info/files/Radical_Mycologysmall.pdf (14.8mb)

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  1. I remember reading about a “Radical Mycological Convergence” festival/symposium that took place in the US last summer. I couldn’t make it hopefully it will happen again this year and I’ll be able to make it down that way.

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