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UPDATE from RTNA: “Due to unforeseen logistical issues, Rising Tide North America is pulling back from and canceling the West By Northwest No Coal Exports Action Camp… We’re instead focusing our time and resources on supporting the Coal Exports Action in Helena, Mont. taking place Aug. 10-20. ‘The Coal Exports Action,’ at this juncture, is more strategic use of the Rising Tide’s time and resources as its focus is to affect a decision from the Montana Land Board on coal exports in the West.” For more info, check out the Anti-Coal Export Actions in Helena, Aug. 10-20.

No Coal Exports Action Camp, August 2-10, 2012

Arrest following recent action against coal extraction in Wyoming.

This summer, climate activists from all over will be headed to the heart of Wyoming’s coalfields to raise awareness about the impacts of the life cycle of coal (mining, exports, burning). West By Northwest, a No Coal Exports Action Camp will be convened by High Country Rising Tide, Rising Tide North America and host of other environmental and community organizations.

West By Northwest will hold workshops on extraction and coal export related topics, organizing skills and participate in local community projects.

Want to get involved? Here’s a couple of ways:

From Rising Tide’s Media Advisory:

On August 2-10, hundreds of people from a broad coalition of workers, seniors, ranchers, students, local residents, environmentalists, and more – will converge in in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin at West By Northwest, a No Coal Exports Action Camp, to build constructive solutions to preventable human and environmental catastrophes related to coal exports.

West By Northwest will raise awareness about:

  • The extraction of more than an estimated 400 million tons of coal a year from Powder River Basin mines for coal industry profit.
  • The Obama Administration’s release last year of an additional 750 million tons of western coal for mining and export to Asia which will flood these economies with cheap, dirty coal.
  • The burning of Powder River Basin coal which will cause 1.5 billion more tons of CO2 to be released into our atmosphere.
  • The burning of exported coal from the Powder River Basin in densely populated Asian nations where health and environmental protections are under development.
  • The coal industry’s investment in the development of new rail lines and massive shipping terminals that will impact domestic communities with illness, noise, pollution, and traffic delays.
  • The Coal Export Action taking place in Helena Montana from August 10 through August 20th that is calling on the Montana Land Board to reject Arch Coal proposal to open up the Otter Creek mine in southeast Montana.

WHAT: West By Northwest will hold workshops on extraction and coal export related topics, organizing skills and participate in local community projects.

WHO: High Country Rising Tide is the Wyoming chapter of Rising Tide North America; Rising Tide North America is an all-volunteer climate network working on fossil fuel extraction and climate justice issues in Canada, Mexico and the United States.

WHERE: In Wyoming’s Powder River Basin, near Gillette, WY.

WHEN: August 2nd through August 10th

INFO: For more information on the camp, please visit www.highcountry.risingtidenorthamerica.org.

For more information on the Coal Exports Action in Helena, please visit www.coalexportsaction.org

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  1. Hey, Dear Shit for Brains…was the “recent action” mentioned in the photo credit for this article just getting arrested? do you have any photos of an actual action, even someone flicking a booger on mining equipment or something? lets get inspired to do something a little better than, as this image might lead me to do, walk up to cops and ask them to handcuff me so my friend can take a fucking picture, and if that is the case, well, lets silk-screen some cooler fucking t-shirts! (In full disclosure I’m a long distant and disgruntled editor of this damn Journal and newswire).

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