New Executive Order Grants More State Control Over Resources

By Sasha

A couple of weeks ago, President Obama signed a new Executive Order into existence, giving unprecedented power to the state under the auspices of national security.

The shocking order tells the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of Interior “to encourage the exploration, development, and mining of strategic and critical materials and other materials” (Sec. 306. Strategic and Critical Materials). 

“What this says to me is that the President has staged another robbery of resources,” states April Mondragon, a reporter with Censored News. “[T]his Executive Order now puts directly within the authority of an already over bloated Military Industrial Complex is a direct and extreme threat to our water, land, agriculture and Way of Life.”

All food, water, technology, and other “national security” resources now fall under the control of the Dept of Agriculture Secretary and the Dept of Defense Secretary. These government branches are told “to promote the national defense over performance of any other contracts or orders,” granting priority to the military over civil society. The executive order also calls for the state to buy equipment and install new factories, working with the private sector to advance the interests of industry in the name of national defense (Section 308 a, b).

The latest executive order is just one in a series of repressive acts passed this year by the Obama Administration. The National Defense Authorization Act allows the US government to detain US citizens indefinitely, while recent antiprotest laws classify nonviolent demonstrations against politicians as federal crimes. Together, these three laws provide the state with virtually total power to control land use and stifle dissent.

For more info about state repression and how to stop it, visit the Civil Liberties Defense Center

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  2. Executivr Orders have been used by President for years to make war without going through Congress! The same excuse it is in the interest of the “National Security”. The last declared war was WWII the rest have been carried out against many countries, including Viet Nam, Iraq, and Afganstan. Now they are plowing headlong toward a war with China! This has got to stop, We have a dictator now and not a president. Why do we need congress if President can exercise such unconsitutional powers against We The People? I have little hope that We The People can pull ourselves out of this one. Full Martial Law, Military Industrial Complex is in complete control, While you were sleeping! WAKE UP!

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