TWAC 2012 Action Camp Announced

The Trans’ and Womyn’s Action Camp is a gathering of eco-activists, who are also working to bring down patriarchy. TWAC is for folks who identify as any variety of gender variant and marginalized genders. There will be space to share skills in a supportive, empowering and encouraging environment.

Greetings! The Trans and Womyn’s Action Camp (TWAC) collective is excited to announce the third annual campout in Cascadia! Comprised of trans and womyn organizers from various chapters of Rising Tide North America, TWAC aims to take space and create a safe(r) six day action camp nestled deep within the beautiful forests of the Cascadia bioregion in the Pacific Northwest.  Stemming from the larger environmental movement, TWAC was formed out of a need to make space for marginalized identities that otherwise may not be represented within the broader push for environmental justice, which often occurs at the compromise of social justice.

In the past TWAC has consisted of workshops and trainings on things like strategic campaigning, non-violent direct action, tree climbing, security culture, trans 101, botany, how to prevent burnout/mental health and self-care, theatre of the oppressed and more (another make out workshop perhaps? Yes, please, but only if you wanna)! The days were filled with workshops, swimming, hiking and communally prepared meals while the nights sang with beautiful conversation and story telling around a campfire, reclaiming space making room for comradery, support, and safety (enough for some consensually wild truth or dare).

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