Blue Mountains Biodiversity Action Alert in Deschutes National Forest

Mouth of Lava River cave, Newberry Volcanic Monument, east Oregon

“Rocket” project proposes serious impacts in Newberry Volcanic Monument area

Forest Service’s proposal would include 6,545 acres of commercial logging in and adjacent to the National Monument site, including old growth areas, critical goshawk areas, wildlife corridors, Mule deer winter range and scenic recreational areas.

Impacted areas including the Lava River cave entrance, Lava Cast forest, Lava Lands visitor center and Lava Butte interpretive site.

While the Forest Service rationale is the usual mantra of reducing risks from insects, disease and fire, they also admit that much of the forest in the area has already been thinned within the last 20-30 years. According to the Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, this appears to be an attempt to keep mature trees from achieving late successional status.

The plan also proposed to mow down Bitterbrush, Ceanothus and Manzanita shrubs though these native plants provide winter forage for deer and neotropical songbird nesting habitat, as well as recreational scenic quality. 

Let the Forest Service know what you think by mailing comments to:

Brent Petersen, Acting District Ranger,

Bend-Ft. Rock Ranger District,

Deschutes National Forest,

63095 Deschutes Market Road

Bend, Oregon 97701

 Or email:  Include “Rocket Scoping Comments” in subject line

For more about Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project by mailing them (yup, no email) c/o League of Wilderness Defenders, 27803 Williams Lane, Fossil, OR 97830

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