Portland Moves to Ban Corporate Personhood

The Occupy Portland Solutions Committee and the Community Rights Action Group (CRAG) convinced Portland City Council to pass a unanimous resolution overturning Citizens United and all corporate constitutional rights including personhood. There will be a referendum in November for a city-wide vote to completely ban corporate personhood. According to local activist, metaphysician, and self-described philosopher queen, Stephen Quirke, the next step will be passing a binding ordinance, or a community Bill of Rights, that would give the city control over its local ecosystem and take away corporate authority over depleting the natural environment. Spokane almost passed a similar law last November which included a right to nature, wherein the Spokane River had a right to thrive and the life dwelling in the habitat had a right to the water.

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  1. I think this could become a national platform for the Occupy Movement. When people ask what do you want, this is a great talking point! I could not agree more. Can’t believe that ever passed to begin with.

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