Informant Brandon Darby Infiltrates Occupy Wall Street

Brandon Darby, snitch

by the Earth First! Journal Collective

No joke, folks, dirt bag Brandon Darby—the snitch who sent the Texas 2 to prison, threw the Common Ground Collective under the bus, and recently bullied one of your very own Earth Firs! journalistas at an anti-Arpaio action—has been trolling around Occupy Wall Street with a camera, interviewing people who were upset with the internal order of the encampment. Obviously, misogynist creepo Darby, has made it his goal to sow dissension within the ranks of the Left and then to air the dirty laundry in public (as if anyone really cared).

His cohort, Lee Stranahan, is a blogger for the Huffington Post who posts about liberal themes, contrasting the harsh realities of life to the lofty ideas of activists. For instance, he declares that recent military abuses in Egypt should show OWS that the inspirational Arab Spring is really not a movement for democracy, apparently forgetting that the US is backing the military government to suppress the popular mobilizations and protect the investments of Goldman Sachs and friends.

So, long story short, someone gave this craven couple a camera and now they have an hour long movie documenting activist frustrations.  You can watch their scramble to support the right wing by posing as radicals here.


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  1. Stranahan was snooping around Occupy Cal mid November 2011. He was Livestreaming students and trying to bait them into making anti-union statements. I called them (Stranahan and Darby) out at that nights GA. People are aware, and dirtbags like them are not welcome.

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