Fallen Warrior: Dara Greenwald


Dara Greenwald

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by the Justseeds Collective

On Monday, the Justseeds family lost our dear friend and collective member Dara Greenwald who passed away of cancer at age forty. We cherish the memories of an incredible person and an incredible life. Many will remember Dara for her art and activism – her video work, her scholarship, the Pink Bloque, the United Victorian Workers, and the Signs of Change exhibition. We will remember her as a friend – someone whose humor and wit was second-to-none, and someone whose words and actions will inspire us for the rest of our lives. We love you Dara.

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  3. Thank you so much for inspiring, advocating and working in the alternative media world. Your contributions directly enabled me as a curator, activist and artist. Your video work is amazing. You are greatly missed.

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