Call-in for political prisoner Oso Blanco

Take the time to call in on behalf of Byron “Oso Blanco” Chubbuck today, Monday, November 21st.

Byron “Oso Blanco” Chubbuck is serving 80 years for unarmed bank robbery, aggravated assault on the FBI, escape, and firearms charges. A confidential informant reported that Oso Blanco was robbing banks in order to acquire funds to support the Zapatistas and indigenous children in Chiapas, Mexico, throughout 1998-99. Because of his political background, Oso Blanco has been subjected to horrendous treatment by the guards at the US Penitentiary Lewisburg.

If you cannot call during this time, please try calling at another time on the 21st.

The number for U.S. Penitentiary Lewisburg is 570.523.1251

Ask for the Warden Bledsoe’s Office.

Byron Chubbuck was scheduled to be transferred to another facility, but when that transfer was cancelled two boxes with Byron’s belongings were withheld and, for three weeks, have not been returned. He has not been told if and when he will get his personal property back. On November 1st, Mr. Chubbuck had number of items taken from his cell during a “shake-down,” in which a guard came into Byron’s cell and went through all of his belongings. This particular guard has repeatedly assaulted and harassed Byron over the past few years at Lewisburg.

The list of items taken from Byron’s cell on November 1st:

***Contact addresses and phone numbers
***Medicine cream
***A letter written to his father, ready to be mailed out
***Mickey Mouse drawing for his friends daughter
***Hair oil, to take care of his long hair
***Food that his cellmate had bought

This call-in also intended to bring a new, fresh reminder to the staff at Lewisburg Penitentiary, that Byron “Oso Blanco” Chubbuck is not alone and has wide, mass support. We have his back and will not let any injustices, no matter how minor or severe the harassment may be, slip through the cracks.

Sample of what to say: “Hello, I’m calling in concern of inmate Byron Chubbuck (#07909051). I’m requesting that two boxes from Mr Chubbuck’s cancelled transfer be returned to him and also property that was taken from his cell on November 1st from one of the guards, named Gee. (pronounced like you would be saying ‘geese’). [List the items stolen during the shake-down.] Mr. Chubbuck will let us know if his property is not returned. Thank you for your time.”

You can write Oso Blanco and tell him you’ve supported him at:

Byron Shane Chubbuck #70909051
USP Lewisburg
Post Office Box 1000
Lewisburg, Pennsylvania 17837

For more information on the case:

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