FBI “Closing in On” Alleged Animal Liberation Brigade Member

According to an FBI press conference, they are “closing in on” Daniel Andreas San Diego, an alleged member of the Animal Liberation Brigade.

San Diego is on the FBI’s most wanted list for several bombings including two bombs at Chiron Corp, a biotechnology corporation in Emeryville California.

Announcing a tip received by the television show “America’s Most Wanted”, the FBI said they are focusing their efforts on Western Massachusetts, particularly the Northampton area.

They also gave descriptions of San Diego’s physical features, his diet, and mannerism which we will not repeat here.

By all means, do not help the FBI in their investigation. You never need speak with the FBI.

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  1. I did not know this until recently — that when the FBI offers a reward for information, and someone provides the information, that informant is not necessarily going to get paid even one penny. If the informer does not need to testify in court the cash reward will not be awarded. Essentially, the government uses smoke and mirrors to manipulate and trick both the public and the fugitive. Snitches by and large don’t get paid. On the contrary, they end up loosing their peace of mind and private lives among other things.

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