FBI Informant speaks alongside anti-immigrant sheriff at Tea Party conference in Orlando this weekend

That’s right, government informant Brandon Darby and border-loving sheriff Joe Arpaio are scheduled to speak side by side at the Choose Liberty 2012 conference hosted by the Eastern Orlando Tea Party, a group based in central Florida. This event will take place on Saturday, November 12, 2011 from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM, at the Orlando Airport Marriott, 7499 Augusta National Drive, Orlando.

Darby, who is being promoted as a “Former Black Panther turned FBI Informant,” is also featured on the Earth First! Newswire’s Informant Tracking page. He had been providing information to the government since at least 2007. His efforts resulted in the arrest of two activists during the 2008 Republican National Convention who were allegedly planning to attack police cars in response to preemptive repression against the protesters in Minneapolis.

And Arpaio, famous for his pro-border anecdotes and civil liberties violations, will apparently be available for pictures and signing his “famous pink Merchandise” (a reference to his stupid efforts to humiliate prisoners and detained immigrants by making them where pink underwear.)

As repulsive and pathetic as that conference sounds, it isn’t the worse of what’s to come in Florida. If you want to test out your gag reflex, or see how much your blood can boil, take a look at the list of participants for GAIM USA 2012 in Boca Raton, January 22-25. This conference includes 200 of the most influential institutional allocators of capital and investors who have discretion over $215 bn and over $8 tn under advisement¬† (those are shorthand for billion and trillion, folks!! bet you didn’t even know trillion had a shorthand.) If you can imagine an industrial evil, it will have a representative there.

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