Portland ADL Locks Down to Protect Wolves

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is planning on killing two more wolves from the Imnaha pack because of supposed livestock predation. This would reduce the pack size down to only two wolves! It would leave only the alpha female and a pup born in spring. This is could effectively destroy the pack altogether.

In response to this issue, Portland Animal Defense League held a rally yesterday at the ODFW office in Salem. Two activists locked down to the front doors with ULocks around their necks.

The ODFW is responding to pressure from the state’s ranching and livestock industries, not sound science or ecological knowledge. Under the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan, ODFW kills wolves after chronic livestock depredation. It has clearly become policy to slaughter wolves in this state. The ODFW needs to be held accountable! The Department of Fish and Wildlife is facade of an organization. It has become nothing more than a puppet for the livestock and ranching industries. We need to hold these corrupt agencies accountable. We need to demand justice for the wolves!!

Our dear activists, Stephanie Taylor & Justin Kay, spent last
night in Marion County Jail and will have court tomorrow at 3pm. Please
continue to follow their case and politely request they receive vegan

Marion County Jail
100 High St. NE
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 581-1183

Also please consider Donating to Portland Animal Defense League for our
continued campaign in Defense of Oregon’s Wolves.



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  1. As always, economics trumps our fellow species on this planet, but then what can we expect of Homo sapiens that have failed to evolve in a manner that would allow us to assume stewardship of our home planet. How would YOU take care of your home if ypou realized it is the only one you have to trun to, there is no space, no friendly alternative,
    this is it, assume responsibility folks!

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