Alright You Dirty So-and-Sos, the Online Funding Drive Continues

Ah, the image of this action never gets old.

Earlier in the week a post appeared on the Earth First! Newswire announcing the start of our one month online funding drive.  The Earth First! Journal collective, that group of lovable editorial anarchists, is in need of funds to keep the Earth First! Journal and the Earth First! Newswire alive. Please click here to donate to our funding drive.

After three days we have received one donation of 10 bucks (thanks ABug).

We would love to believe that our friends connected to us through the online world (excluding the FBI guy monitoring our Facebook) appreciate our work enough to throw us a buck or ten. Thats all it takes. We can make a dollar stretch. Of course, if you got it, we’ll take a hundred!

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  1. Guys, I’ll definitely pledge 50 dollars (sorry it’s all I can afford to spare), but I need to wait until I get my new credit card which should arrive in three weeks….so just be a little patient with some of us 😉

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