Deep Green Resistance joins anti-tar sands action in DC, hosts fundraiser for Tim DeChristopher

by Earth First! Journal

This Sunday, August 28, members of the newly-formed Deep Green Resistance (DGR) movement who have been taking part in the anti-tar sands civil disobedience actions at the White House are hosting a fundraiser at Busboys and Poets in DC (2021 14th st NW.) They’ll be raising funds to support Tim DeChristopher’s by showing Franklin Lopez’ film End:Civ at 8:30 p.m. A PDF of the flyer for the event and another DGR flyer circulating in DC can be found here.

Thus far the DGR movement, which spawned from a recent book by the same title, has only manifested in a handful of workshops and websites, leaving many who are active in existing radical environmental circles skeptical (but enthusiastic) about the concept getting off the ground. But it seems their strategy may be exiting the realm of theory and finally hitting the real world.

According to text on their recent flyer: “DGR’s strategy involves two separate parts of the movement—an aboveground and an underground. We are the aboveground and therefore our work is strictly limited to nonviolence. And in any resistance scenario, an underground dismantles the strategic infrastructure of power.

The aboveground’s connection to the underground part of the strategy is only in the realm of building public opinion on the need for an underground, while all its actions are strictly nonviolent. We believe, as Tim does, that our movements will have to do much more than we’ve done in the past in order to be successful.

DGR believes that an aboveground nonviolence movement can only succeed in its work if there are massive waves of nonviolent civil disobedience held at key nodes of industry in sustained campaigns.

Tim has shown the way, and we believe in our hearts that it is up to all of us who want to be effective to follow his lead. We think we can only succeed if thousands of people begin to make commitments for this type of action and a substantial number of those people will need to be willing to go to jail and to make other sacrifices, as Tim is doing.

And we believe it’s time to organize those campaigns. We see the DC Tar Sands Action as a powerful step in that direction. Visit our website to learn more and watch for our upcoming announcement of a next step on the path to stopping the Tar Sands and to building a more effective nonviolence movement!

Proceeds benefit Tim’s Legal Defense Fund. $5.00 – $100, Sliding Scale. No one turned away for lack of funds.

Tim DeChristopher is a climate activist currently in prison serving two years for a successful act of civil disobedience. When asked how he felt about going to jail, Tim said: “I think the consequence of not fighting back is far scarier than the consequence of going to prison for a few years.” For updates on Tim’s case, check here.

About END:CIV: “[The director,] Franklin López, is a fantastically talented filmmaker who has created a powerful and important film about the most important topic ever: how to stop this culture from killing the planet.” —Derrick Jensen

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