“Don’t Frack with Cackalack!” Three Croatan Earth First!ers arrested

Exercpt from a June 15, 2011 press release by Croatan Earth First!:

Raleigh, NC – On Tuesday night, over twenty-five people showed their opposition to hydraulic fracturing and offshore drilling in North Carolina outside of the legislative building before heading inside for the final vote on SB 709 in the House of Representatives, leading to three arrests.

The third vote on SB709, also dubbed the “Energy Jobs Act”, was met with resistance before the session convened with a call-in day to legislators and a demonstration outside.  Signs read, “Don’t Frack with Cackalack!”, “Don’t Frack With My Water!”, “No Offshore Drilling in NC!”, and “Expect Resistance!”  The demonstrations consisted of people from Chapel Hill, Durham, Pittsboro, and Raleigh who called on the legislators to vote against SB 709, in favor of a healthy future for North Carolinians.

Upon moving inside, the quiet and respectful demonstration was swarmed by security agents as the wait began for SB 709 to be called.  At least one representative switched his vote to be against the bill before it was called, which was met with applause.  Once SB 709 was brought to the floor, two people unfurled a banner reading “Third times a charm! No to Fracking!” leading to their arrest.  A third person was also arrested for proclaiming dislike of the destruction of the fine state of North Carolina.  The arrestees, who live in counties that contain shale deposits that could be fracked, are all facing misdemeanor disorderly conduct charges. 

The third reading of SB 709 resulted in 68 ayes and 49 noes.  At this point the bill goes back to the senate for a reading, and then it is in the governor’s hands.  We call on Governor Perdue to protect the future of North Carolina by vetoing SB 709.

“It is alarming that the General Assembly is so readily allowing corporation’s interests to harm the citizens, water, air, and land of North Carolina. Is this really what the General Assembly wants for its constituents?”  —Heidi Grenmier, Durham County, Croatan Earth First!

“To Representatives Avila, Boles, Burr, Crawford, Dollar, Howard, McCormick, Murry, and Stam, all who represent areas with fracking potential and despicably voted in favor of SB709, know that we will hold you personally responsible when our tap water turns brown and explosive, our children and wives are sick, and our crops are toxic.  We’ve seen what’s been happening in Pennsylvania, Montana, and Colorado. We don’t want it here.” – Adam Nash, Orange County

This is merely the beginning of the fight against hydraulic fracturing and offshore drilling in North Carolina.  Community groups, including Croatan Earth First!, will be holding regular events and demonstrations against hydraulic fracturing throughout the region. 

Get in touch: croatanearthfirst@gmail.com

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