June 11 marked day of intenational solidarity with Marie Mason and Eric McDavid

According to June11.org, 29 cities around the world celebrated their solidarity with US eco-prisoners Marie Mason and Eric McDavid yesterday. International cities, including: Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Montreal, Helsinki, Toronto and Melbourne, hosted potlucks, vigils, film showings, letter writing nights and various fundraising events to show support for Eric, Marie and other long term anarchist prisoners. For a collection of resources on supporting these prisoners, such as interviews, flyers and statements, check out June11.org

Statement from Jeff ‘Free’ Luers: “Today is a sad day for me because I continue a legacy that started with me, but sadly does not end there. June 11th 2001 was the day I was sentenced to 22yrs and 8 months in prison. It is a day that both forever changed my life and the life of this struggle…

June 11th is a reminder to us that though we spend our days outside of a prison many of our friends and allies spend theirs behind bars having sacrificed what little freedom they had to fight for something greater than themselves. We have a responsibility to them and to ourselves to struggle and fight until all are free.

I may no longer be imprisoned, but I cannot and will not rest until my friends are back home with their families and our struggle for Earth, Animal, and Human liberation is successful.” Click here for full statement from Free

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