Do You Want To Tree-sit?

Earth First! Humboldt is seeking people to help protect the ancient redwood forests this spring and summer. [caption id="attachment_2392" align="alignright" width="216" caption="This could be you prepping to save some of the last oldest forests on the West Coast!"][/caption] Are you interested in tree-sitting for a week or more? The McKay forest is a refuge for rare and endangered wildlife including Northern Spotted Owls. The grove, and other threatened forest stands nearby would likely have been cut down two years ago if not for our non-violent direct action. A deal is in the works between Green Diamond timber company and non-profit groups to turn the area including this grove into a community forest. Please contact them to help keep these tree standing. You might also consider sending them a donation. email: contactefhum[at] phone- 707.845.1325 ]]>

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  1. Thanks for posting this on the newswire! The tree-village is going well, aside from being circled at close proximity twice in a week by the usual coast guard chopper. We’re getting more trees tied in to the network of traverses, over 45 trees now. We’ve tied up the nexus of their road building and clear-cutting plan in the grove.
    I also wanted to mention that our main phone number (listed above) is down, email is best for us at the moment.

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