A Field Guide to False Solutions to Climate Change by CrimethInc from the Earth First! Journal

There are lots of pills to cure climate change. Which one are you swallowing?

Click the image below to read the article.

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  1. Great piece. I like it (in more than a Facebook way). Although I’m not entirely sure whether “the radical solution” is being offered up as an example of another false solution, or whether it is supposed to represent the only logical choice once the others have been exposed.
    If it’s the latter, and the authors are serious when they say that “we can’t expect a more liberated [post-apocalyptic] society unless we put the foundations in place now,” then I am curious what the structure of those “foundations” is supposed to look like. I guess maybe that’s where the need for a “compelling vision” comes in.
    I suppose that I am one of those radicals inclined to “respond to the crisis with despair.” If a compelling vision and some guts is truly all it takes, then why bother having an apocalypse?

  2. The last two things that I have read from Crimethinc are pretty good, New Terrain and this article, they have included analysis.

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