Ecowarrior Dies in Bilston Glen Blaze

Andrew Millhouse, 24, originally from South Africa was found dead after firefighters were called out to a blaze Bilston Glen at around 3am on Monday morning. In a short statement, fellow protesters said: “The people of Bilston Road protest site regret the loss of one of their friends, who has been a valued member of our community, and extend our deepest sorrow to his family and friends, who we would like to get in touch with as we have no way of contacting them. We would ask everyone to respect our grief.” Firefighters are treating the blaze as accidental. There is another person who was injured in the fire, and is being treated at a hospital. The Bilston Road protest camp, comprising at least 10 hand-built wooden huts, treehouses and tents, has been at the woodland site since 2002, in protest at plans to build a bypass alongside the A701 close to Loanhead and Roslin. The EF! Journal Collective wants to convey our sadness at Andrew’s passing, and express our deepest condolences to his family. click here for more.

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