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The protest (against the expansion of an enormous garbage dump near Naples) continues with road blocks near the landfill site.
Waste collection is still broken, and the people set fire to rubbish bins—while all this happens in Terzigno, the landfill is closed, but government wants to open others. The government says the situation is resolved, even if everyone sees that is not true on the news and there aren’t any regions that want Naples’s rubbish.
Nessun Compromesso in Difesa di Madre Terra!
— EF! Padova

EF! Roma is starting a campaign to stop urban sprawl on November 30, consisting of:
1) Publication of the dossier, “STOP E…SPANSIONE URBANA” about consumption of territory.
2) Protesting against construction that encroaches on surrounding environment.
3) Direct action in resistance to the sprawl.
ROME invites you to give their moral and economic support to the campaign against the building and urban expansion which kicks off on Tuesday 30 November 2010.
Always committed to the preservation of free land, in the defense of natural ecosystems and in the struggle against building speculators and profiteers, WE NEED YOUR HELP.
— EF! Roma

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