More Hard Times on the High Seas, plus college protests

A Japanese whaling vessel was cleared by courts of any wrong doing when it rammed a Sea Shepherd vessel interfering with its whale hunt. This is the latest in a long saga of unfortunate events surrounding whaling this year. But, here to save the day is Greenpeace, which has just launched their new Rainbow Warrior vessel (the first Rainbow Warrior was blown up by French Commandos decades ago, killing a Greenpeace member). So, in spite of the tragedy and drama, the swashbuckling escapades continue in defense of the wild.

In other news, one-hundred pinwheels briefly blanketed the ground outside South Building of University of North Carolina on Tuesday, as members of the Sierra Student Coalition protested against the use of coal extracted through mountaintop removal. The pinwheels that were placed outside of the chancellor’s office are now being shipped to Washington D.C., where they will join anti-coal pinwheels sent in across the country for the National Sierra Student Coalition Conference. Click here for more.

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  1. the man killed on the Greenpeace boat was officially listed as an independent photographer.

    i have never seen any accounting of that sad episode list him as a member of Greenpeace.

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