30th Anniversary of the Earth First! Journal Released!

Yesterday evening the Earth First! Journal released the 30th Anniversary issue onto an unsuspecting public. Raging through the streets, the anniversary issue—soon to be known as the last pre-industrial collapse issue of the Journal; also known as “yup, that’s the one that did it, that’s the one that brought back the buffalo” by old guard EF!ers—the EF! Journal unleashed stellar articles from Derrick Jensen, Ilse Asplund, Tre Arrow, and more, as well as wonderful new and original art from the JustSeeds Artist Cooperative, the Beehive Collective and others.

The explosive assemblage of wild, anarchistic dreams-coming-into-reality has taken Tucson by storm, causing people to learn new languages of resistance, increase biodiversity in their lives and destroy what destroys them. Green capitalists have been trying to contain the Journal‘s wildness with calls of “bioregional capitalism” and “a biodiversity stock exchange,” but the Journal, leading a stampede of Jaguar that had in been in hiding until this point, perseveres. Look for the second volume of the 30th Anniversary coming out in March, after the Journal Collective’s two week hiatus in the northern mountains of Mexico, frolicking with the wild Mexican Grey Wolf.

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  1. So stoked! I’m glad that I was able to renew our membership a few months ago and will be checking the mailbox daily! Thx EF!

    • hey i will also be checking my mailbox daily. i am psyched to receive this issue.

      keep up the good work y’all, and good luck with the move!!!

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