EF!ers Battle Nazis in the Streets of Phoenix

An anti-Fascist rally in Phoenix drew several Earth First!ers, including members of the Earth First! Journal editorial collective, who joined in solidarity their anarchists, brown berets and other anti-fascist allies in resisting the ideals of environmental racism and genocide practiced by the fascists. The presence of the two dozen or so nazis did not scare the protesters, who numbered in the hundreds, and the nazis had a difficult time marching through the streets. A soft blockade, consisting of a diverse crowd, had a long stand off with the line of police protecting the fascists while anti-fascists hurled insults and projectiles at the small group of nazis.

Soon, the police unleashed tear gas and pepper spray to beat back the protesters, but with the help of a queer anarchist group, blockades composed of newspaper stands and people continuously reformed behind the green miasma of pepperspray and the purple clouds of tear gas through which the nazis had to march. Eventually, the fascists made it to the area where they were given space to speak by police barricades, but their words were silenced by the screams of the protesters encircling them. No barricades can hold back the force of anti-fascism, so the nazis were unable to make one move un-resisted. After the rally, the ridiculous looking nazis skulked off to their cars with their police escorts, followed by the taunts and cries of dozens of protesters who stayed on to fight them to the bitter end. Two were arrested during the rally, and there were numerous cameras along the march route. For more, click here.

Anti-Mining Resistance At Mt. Magdiwata

least 4,000 people from Agusan del Sur and surrounding regions joined Saturday’s “Motor Caravan to Save Mt. Magdiwata” in a bid to stop illegal miners from encroaching into the watershed forest reserve surrounding the 633-meter high peak to cut trees for mining tunnels. Click here for more.

Anti-Coal Action in Israel

15 celebrities – which include global supermodel Bar Refaeli, actor Moshe Ivgi, musicians Mosh Ben Ari and Achinoam Nini, and former Israeli Environment Minister Yossi Sarid – all posed for a photo shoot in which they were covered (or smothered) in coal. The harsh and stark imagery is intended to convey the celebrities’ protest against the construction of a new coal-burning power plant in Ashkelon, a campaign that Greenpeace Israel has been pushing for some time now. While many argue that the exploitation of female bodies for the furtherance of any cause is wrong, the women’s involvement in the protest is voluntary, so the subject of exploitation and bodies remains controversial. Click here for more.

Fighting for the Khimki Forest in Russia

Hundreds of people, many with children, have been rallying in Moscow and the surrounding region against plans to fell the Khimki Forest just northwest of the Russian capital to clear space for a section of a new highway to St. Petersburg. They also urged the law enforcement to solve the attacks on eco-warriors in the Russian media. Click here for more.

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