44 Activists Illegally Plant Trees Against Mountaintop Removal

44 volunteer ‘reclamation workers’ (activists) illegally marched onto a supposedly reclaimed mine site to plant trees. Why? Because the ‘reclamation’ efforts done by the mining company resulted in a barren hillside with sparse grass and baking sun – a far cry from the lush and diverse forest destroyed in the process.
After negotiating with the police and planting all the trees, all activists were allowed to leave the site without repurcussions. Former EF! journalista John Johnson said, “The coal industry does not attempt to return the landscape to its previous biodiversity – leaving it up to the citizens to reclaim it themselves. Fixing the ruined landscape will provide long term jobs for those put out of work by the abolition of mountaintop removal.”
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  1. Corporate interest is their bottom line only. Corporations want to corner the market in whatever market sector they are in, like a disease they corner, merge, absorb, buy and scoop up all competitors in a never ending game of “increasing profitability” – in a never ending pursuit of market dominance and to crush the competitors.

    Competition however is the life blood of a healthy market system. Laws and regulations are needed and needed to be enforced otherwise profit seeking and taking will leave this earth and our lives as barren as the mountain top in this stories photos.

    Democracy and Capitalism are not the same thing – one is a system of “governing” – the other is a system of making money. The two at all times are diametrically opposed and “good governance” requires effective regulation to make sure capitalism doesn’t create tyranny, as well as economic and health catastrophes.

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