Animal Liberation: 20,000 Mink Freed in Sweden, Sabotage in Turkey

Animals liberated in Sweden

“During the night of October 4 all 20,000 mink were released from a fur farm outside Skillingaryd. Although most Swedes are against fur farming, there are currently 1.4 million animals trapped in cages. This is contrary to Swedish animal welfare legislation, but with the tacit acceptance of a paralyzed government. Our action during the night is a reaction to an industry that does not respect the law, democracy or animal welfare. There is now a wild population of mink in Sweden, which originated from fur farms. There is evidence that animals raised in captivity successfully re-adjust to a life of freedom when they are given the chance. Our goal is to close the farm and that the cages remain empty. Forever. For mink on Animals’ Day”

anarchists attack Hasdal Massacre House of Istanbul
from Anarchists for Animal Liberation
“On October 16, 2009, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality killed nearly 70 puppies at their concentrate camp which go by the name of Hasdal Shelter. Their massacre reason was suspicion of rabies. Ever since that day, we couldn’t forget this massacre. We couldn’t be unresponsive to what they did, and we won’t. Those responsible for this massacre shouldn’t sleep well in their beds.
Accordingly, on the night of September 7, 2010, we attacked the Hasdal Massacre House. We carried out various sabotages and writing activities in the shelter terrain.
This action was first reaction of the precautionary signal for the slaughtered animals by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Abusers and
Murderers! If you continue to make torture or behave cruelly towards to animals, we will try harder acts.”

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