Protest in NYC Against Torture of US Activist, 500 Others in Belgium

No Borders Camp in Brussels, Belgium— (Photos here)
There was a protest in NYC: Belgian Consulate against the police brutality and torture of activists perpetrated against last Friday’s No Borders’ Camp in Belgium.
During the No Border Camp, “a convergence of struggles aiming to end the system of borders that divide us all,” Earth First!er Dr. Marianne Maeckelbergh was arrested for taking pictures while police were making arrests in Brussels, Belgium. While in police custody, she was violently dragged by her hair, chained to a radiator, hit, kicked, spat upon, called a whore, and threatened with sexual assault by the police. She also witnessed the torture of another prisoner also chained to a radiator. This occurred out in the open, directly witnessed by police station authorities who gave the impression that it was standard practice. Police took her ID card, USB stick, the camera with the photos on it, and 25 euros in cash and have refused to return them.

Mairanne is a US citizen, professor at the University of Leiden in Holland, and the author of The Will of the Many: How the Alterglobalisation Movement Is Changing the Face of Democracy.
Please call Belgium’s US Ambassador, H.E. Jan Matthysen at (202) 333-6900 and Belgium’s Ambassador to the United Nations Jan K.F. Grauls (212) 378-6300 to demand the immediate release of the last prisoner and express your outrage at the torture, abuse, and unjust incarceration of Marianne and others.

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