Sabotage at Big Creek Lumber, Protest at Primate Products, and SHAC Week of Action

An unknown vandal broke into Big Creek Lumber in Watsonville, California, this Monday. The person ransacked the break room and set fire to two work vehicles. When firefighters arrived at 1:30am, they found one of the vehicles totally engulfed in flames. There was a small fire burning in the cab of the second car, which firefighters used a fire extinguisher on. Investigators suspect a disgruntled employee, but no arrests have been made.

Big Creek Lumber likes to paint itself green, but this isn’t the first time employees have taken out their frustration on the company. Inside sources have stated in the past that internal sabotage arising from low wages and bad working conditions has occurred. This is one of the few times that the press has published an article outlining labor strife at Big Creek Lumber, (BCL), a family owned company.

Santa Cruz Earth First! has blockaded and held demonstrations against BCL, including tree sits, in the past 25 years. BCL has also led the California forest industry to call for weaker state logging rules and recently got the Board of Forestry to eliminate most regulations on Class 2 streams (non-fish bearing, but vital year round tributaries contributing flows to Class 1 fish bearing streams) near Santa Cruz, while other areas in the state got tougher rules.

Animal Activists, SAEN and South Florida Direct Action Protest Primate Products
Leaked Photos Lead to Primate Lab Protest
from NBC Miami:
A group of protesters gathered outside a Doral research lab Tuesday afternoon after photos showing severely injured monkeys taken in their labs were leaked last month. The 50 or so demonstrators were fenced into a corner across from Primate Products, an importer of animals for experimentation and research. They held signs and chanted about what they call “shameless and reckless destruction of innocent life.”
The leaked photos that have created the furor depict bloodied, lifeless primates in a surgical setting, deep gashes on skulls, an open wound on an arm, and you can see reddish or inflamed areas on the hindquarters in one photo.
Company President Don Bradford said his vet staff was trying to care for the monkeys and that they were injured by other monkeys, not by experimentation or transportation. “The pictures are those our veterinary staff took to document the medical treatment to animals that were injured by other animals,” Bradford said in a statement. “They are completely healed, healthy, beautiful animals.”
The USDA says that as a result of the complaints they’ve received over the photos, they’ll be sending an inspector to Primate Products. But protesters Tuesday said they’re not hopeful anything will change. “The reality is animal research isn’t about science, it’s not about human health, it’s about money. And this is one of the places where that starts,” said protester Michael Budkie, with Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN). “They literally buy, sell, and trade in non-human primates. If not for them, animal experiments in many places simply couldn’t happen because they couldn’t get the primates to do them with.”
Doral Police stood between the protesters and the building and sent eight police vehicles. “What they’re trying to do is intimidate us with cameras and their crossed arms, and dour expressions,” said protester Gary Serignese. “What they should do is turn toward the real criminals.”

SHAC’s ‘Financial Focus’ Week of Action – Monday 20th – 26th September
Monday 20th – 26th September is going to be a busy week for those that speak out against vivisection abuse and we hope that you can get involved in this ‘Financial Focus Week of Action’ against HLS‘s financial backer – Fortress Investment Group.

HLS’ debt has more than doubled since 2009, now standing at over $170million. With no assets such as property (they had to sell all their land and rent it back due to their staggering debts), the loss of important revenue and increasing running costs, HLS remain in trouble. They simply cannot survive without Fortress, and have no means to pay off $170million.

We’re calling on activists to keep up the pressure on the vital financial targets, this week of action is for all companies linked to HLS financially – from Fortress to their subsidiary companies, shareholders and more. There are targets all around the world so please get involved!

Top Financial Targets:

• Fortress Investment Group (HLS’ loan provider, with offices around the globe)
• Nomura (own over 30% of Fortress, with offices all around the globe)
• Ocean Finance, Mapeley Estates and Boxclever (owned by Fortress with offices in the UK)
• Rail America, IntraWest, GateHouse Media, Logan Circle Partners, CW Financial Services and American General Financial Inc. (all subsidiary companys of Fortress all based in the USA)
• With many other targets in Europe too!
See the following website for more information and get involved:
SHAC Targets

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