“Radical Environmentalists” Threaten Timber Sale

Unsigned postcards were sent to timber companies and saw mills involved in the Globe Forest timber sale in North Carolina. The Campaign to Save the Globe Forest and others work very hard to protect old growth forest, but have failed to stop industry. We support their efforts, but more is obviously needed. Croatan Earth First! has organized several protests against the Globe Forest timber sale as well as action camps to discuss and practice further tactics to save the Globe.

Although no one has admitted responsibility for the postcards, we support direct action in defense of our Earth. Earth First! is not a top-down organization; it is a movement, a rallying cry. When a person wants to protect their environment, their whole world, no authorization is necessary. We do not compromise with industry. We must protect the Globe Forest. When protests don’t work, we have to step up our game. If they are Earth First!ers like we are, those who sent the postcards have our full support.

Save the Globe!

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