Lockdown at White House and Protest at BP: DC Heating Up


In protest against Free Trade and the auctioning off of Indigenous lands in the Amazon, activist Q’orianka Kilcher and her mother, Saskia Kilcher chained themselves to the White House fence on Tuesday. Covered in black paint to represent the horrible environmental pollution caused by Oxydental Petroleum on Indigenous Achuar land in Peru, Q’orianka Kilcher spoke out against the President of Peru, who was visiting the White House at the time, until being forcibly removed by police, who sawed her chains off and carried her away in spite of her non-violent resistance.

Q’orianka has used her fame as an actor to fight for indigenous rights in Peru. She is charged with disorderly conduct, and her mother is charged with defacing government property.

Right now there is a crowd protesting BP at their national headquarters in Washington D.C. The police have blocked off traffic, and the crowd is attempting a citizens’ arrest of Tony Hayward BP’s CEO.Follow their latest updates on Twitter by clicking here.

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