Redwood Curtain Action Camp

An illegal highway project for a two mile section of Redwood Highway 101 proposes to remove 54 trees as well as cut, fill, compact and/or pave over the roots of 66 Redwoods 3 to 18 feet diameter! Join us and help save the Richardson Grove State Park Old Growth Redwoods. Support local and sustainable businesses! Save the Redwood Curtain! Please visit coalition supporters below.

So many of you are asking “Where exactly is the location?” That’s a secret… 🙂

The location is just south of Richardson Grove State Park. Just look for the banners, signs and people.

This is an open forum. The following trainings and skills are being offered at this point. Aside from Non-violence and Direct action trainings, topics could be anything from gender related issues, non-oppression and group social skills, backwoods and canopy survival, climb trainings, water purification, herbs and medicine, CPR and First Aid, etc. ,etc….

What we still need:
-Water containers
-Buckets for dishes, etc.
-Food and donations for food(If you are a carnivore, that’s great but please bring your own meat and grill!)
-Pots, pans, stove, grill(veggie and non)etc.
-Cordage and stakes
-Easy ups
-Toilet seats
-Used and unneeded 5 gallon buckets w/lids
-Plastic bags
-Solar Shower
-Extension Cords
-Large Dry Erase Board and dry erase pens and/or Chalkboard

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