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Afternoon HLS demos catch security by surprise
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On Friday, the 28th of May, DC area animal rights activists staged a series of surprise HLS protests at Novartis, Astra-Zenica(these two in one building), Sanofi-Aventos, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. All three buildings were entered as security got caught napping!

UK arrests & raids, possibly climate action related
from Earth First! UK
At lunchtime on Wednesday 26th May two addresses in Belper, Derbyshire, were raided by the North Yorkshire Counter Terrorist Unit.

Cellphone Antenna Sabotaged with Fire, Bristol
from Earth First! UK
A ‘T-mobile’ repeater was destroyed by fire. All effort was made not to endanger any life and the mast was chosen due to its distance from residential buildings and activity. The fence was cut with bolt-croppers and placed at the base of the antenna, wrapped around the electrical cables powering the mast, was a cut tyre filled with rags soaked in paraffin. Soaked rags were also tied to the cables and tucked into the tyre. Firelighters were used to ignite the lot. The antenna was situated near the central Temple Meads railway station close to a new ‘urban development’ area.

Captain Bethune Pleads Guilty in Tokyo!
Captain Bethune of the Seashepherd has plead guilty to charges of trespass, vandalism, obstructing commercial activity and being armed with a weapon. assault causing injury. The final charge that he is pleading not-guilty to is assault causing injury. Captain Bethune was arrested and taken to Tokyo after boarding an illegal whaling vessel, throwing rancid butter on board and trying to make a citizens’ arrest of the captain while serving him a multi-million dollar damage bill. See this ABC News Article for more info, and go to to find out how to support Captain Bethune.

Thousands of Tibetans Mobilize to Protect Mountains>Intercontinental Cry
Chinese troops have been called into Tibet to quell peaceful protests and blockades built to defend the mountains of Tsongshen, Choeten, and Deshoe in Markham county. This comes one year after a similar tense stand-off resulted in mountain protection, but this time the government is calling in 5,000 troops to crush the movement.

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