Earth First! Marcellus Regional Gathering (Upstate New York)

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The agents of capital have declared the colonized region of Upstate New York (stolen Haudenosaunee territory) a sacrificial industrial zone. This is a call out to all eco-warriors, environmentalists, direct action enthusiasts, insurgents, and wild creatures of “upstate New York.” Our enemies, the people and institutions that destroy our lives and the places we love, have backed us into a corner. Its time to strike back in defense of all things still wild!

Since much of the eco-destruction of our bioregion is being carried out across Upstate New York/PA, we are calling for the formation of an Earth First! network across Upstate New York/Pennsylvania as a coordinated response to our regional crisis. Although we need to coordinate a response in defense against all of the the ongoing ecological attacks on our region, we especially feel this need in the face of the imminent, catastrophic effects that the natural gas hydrofack drilling of the Marcellus Shale would bring.

Come out to Ithaca, NY for the Weekend of May 28-30 for the first Marcellus regional gathering of Earth First! This an opportunity to network, share skills and strategize. We hope for this to be the first in a series of gatherings that would rotate around to other bioregions around the Marcellus Shale in Upstate New York and Pennsylvania. Bring your tents and camping gear!

If you can come or want more information or would be interested in giving a workshop please contact Finger Lakes Earth First! at Also RSVP on facebook for event updates:

No Compromise in Defense of Mother Earth!

For more info about the Marcellus Shale, hydrofracking, and the organizing being done to halt the environmental assault check out,

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