Logging Trucks Destroyed in Ozarks

from Scenes from the Atlanta Forest

Happy New Year to the crew of the 4 tree-killing machines in Ozark. For days the noise was the only goddamn thing you could hear in the forest. We emerged from our nests and holes and severed the infernal racket with tooth and claw. We found all machines unlocked with keys still in their ignitions!

We chewed through wires and cables, filled fuel tanks with sand and soil, drained the machines dry, and restored the forest to perfect winter silence. It was a beautiful night, just right for stargazing (and sabotage :))

In solidarity with the Atlanta Forest (STOP COP CITY!!!) and forests under siege everywhere. You woke us up and there’s more to come!

– Pissed-off locals

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  1. These beautiful Ozark hills are being absolutely ravaged by tourism and unbridled greed. I was extremely happy to read this.

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