UK: Animal Freedom Movement Liberates Beagles from Vivisection Breeder

from Unoffensive Animal

“Activists from Animal Freedom Movement, a project supported by Animal Rebelion, have liberated 5 beagle puppies from MBR Acres!

These dogs were bred in this farm, ready to be shipped off to laboratories when they reached around 16 weeks old. Once they reached the labs, they would have been subject to unimaginable horrors in the name of ‘science’. Many of them would likely have suffered internal bleeding, vomiting, organ failure and worse, before eventually being killed.

In this day and age, it is simply unnecessary. Testing on animals is ineffective and unreliable when it comes to translating results to the human population. We have many, many alternative methods that are more relevant, valuable and do not require torturing and murdering animals.

We are absolutely thrilled to have safely rescued 5 dogs from this awful fate, and look forward to them being given loving homes and living the rest of their lives safe from abuse.”

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