Resistencia Mapuche Lavkenche Claims the Attack on Aggregates & Forestry Machines in Los Álamos, Wallmapu

from Anarchist Federation

On Friday, April 29th, a sabotage action was carried out against a machinery and transport company dedicated mainly to the extraction of aggregates and forestry work in Los Álamos. It had a great impact with 33 equipment set on fire. The following is a communiqué from the organization Resistencia Mapuche Lavkenche (R.M.L.)

The Resistencia Mapuche Lavkenche (RML), declares:

As Resistencia Mapuche Lavkenche (RML) we claim responsibility for the sabotage in the sector of Los Ríos, commune of Los Álamos, which left 33 aggregate and forestry equipment destroyed by a column of 40 weichave [TN: Mapuche warriors] of our organization.

With this action we vindicate our Mapuche political prisoners kidnapped in the different prisons installed in Wallmapu.

This action responds to the damage that the company Tramsa, directed by Juan Ramírez, has done in the Trongol river, whose waters have been intercepted for years by its capitalist machines, destroying the flora and fauna of this area of Nahuelbuta, irreversibly affecting Mapuche life and of the poor Chilean peasant people who live there.

Tackling this task meant attacking Forestal Arauco of the Angelinni group, whose company belongs to this extractivist chain. Tramsa has always answered to the interests of this forestry company, for years making roads for its operations that are destroying our mapu. They have dried up the affluents of the rivers, changing the course of their waters, thus killing the Mapuche itrovil mongen [TN: biodiversity] and the lives of the people who depend on the Trongol river.

We make it clear to the winka [TN: white] government of Boric that capitalist development is not compatible with Mapuche life. That the forestry companies have an end date in Wallmapu, because we will continue to expel them. That the rivers are free, as we Mapuche are.

We salute the different Mapuche sister organizations, the Lov and communities in Resistance that embrace the weichan [TN: struggle] and we invite them to embrace unity based on the Mapuche yamuwun and kelluwun [TN: respect and reciprocity], understanding our differences but being able to agree on links and principles that allow us to move forward in the Mapuche territory recovery and national reconstruction.

We demand that the government immediately transfer of Esteban Carrera and Yerko Maril to the Lebu prison.

The withdrawal of the lawsuits in Mapuche cases and the freedom of all Mapuche political prisoners.

We demand nullity, fair trial and freedom for the Mapuche political prisoners of Elicura.

We support the Mapuche communities in Resistance in the Gulf of Arauco in their struggle against the wind farm that Forestry Arauco intends to install in their territory.


Resistencia Mapuche Lavkenche (RML)

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