Feminists Burn Human Rights Building in Mexico State Following Violent Eviction and Arrests

Police violently evict and arrest feminists who had occupied the building of the Human Rights Comission of Mexico State earlier in the day. Women respond by setting fire to the human rights building.

Early Friday morning, police entered the building of the Human Rights Commission of Mexico State (CODHEM) in Ecatepec. The police evicted and beat the women who had taken over the building. The occupation of the building was part of a series of feminist actions in Mexico in recent days that have protested at different buildings of the National Human Rights Commission in different parts of the country.

According to a communique emitted by the collective, Manada Periferia, the police detained 17 people (6 minors) and threatened a woman who is eight months pregnant.

In their twitter account, the attorney general of the state, @FicaliaEdomex, say the police operation was done beneath their order and that they will take legal action at CODHEM’s request.

Police violence can be seen in this transmission carried out during the eviction. The uniformed police belong to the Investigative Police and the FGJ (Attorney General).

The women were transferred in the patrol car NGC 23 65, to the Atizapán Justice Center, where later, the police threatened a group of protesters who, together with mothers and fathers of the detained, demanded freedom for the compañeras. In the Atizapán Justice Center, the police sprayed the protestors with fire extinguishers and attacked them before making new arrests.

The women confirm that the seizure of the building of the Human Rights Commission of Mexico State, is a “response to the lack of attention, commitment and justice from the State for victims” to continued femicide and patriarchal violence. Later in the day, in response to the State repression early in the morning, a group of women returned to the human rights building that was evicted, setting it on fire.

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