Update on tar sands megaloads in the Northern Rockies

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We received this news release today and will provide monitoring and protesting prompts soon:

Equipment shipments may travel on U.S. 12 starting Monday

BOISE — Over-legal equipment shipments could start moving on U.S. 12 as early as Monday if weather conditions are favorable, the Idaho Transportation Department announced.

Omega Morgan is transporting two shipments eastbound on U.S. 12 to Montana. They will enter Idaho from the Port of Wilma in Clarkston, Wash., using Idaho 128.The shipments, consisting of water purification vessels, will travel from 10 p.m. to 5:30 a.m., and are scheduled to take one night each to reach the Idaho/Montana state line. One load will travel each night.

One shipment weighs 80,000 pounds, is 53 feet in length, 17 feet wide and 20 feet tall. The other weighs 80,000 pounds, is 53 feet in length, 20 feet wide and 21 feet tall.

Three flagging teams, three pilot vehicles and two vehicles with portable signs are traveling with each shipment. The transportation plan requires that delays not exceed 15 minutes for other vehicles using U.S. 12. Locations have been identified along U.S. 12 where the shipments can safely pull over to let traffic pass.

[Emphasis added by EF! Newswire… Go get ’em!]

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