Activists interfere with international mining conference in Finland

“There is no such thing as socially and environmentally sustainable mining!”

Disruption of mining conference in Espoo, Finland, Nov 2012

Today in Espoo, Finland, a meeting of bureaucrats and industrialists  entitled Conference on Socially and Environmentally Responsible Mining was disrupted by the group Hyökyaalto (“Tidal wave). The following statement was released today:

With the Northern mining boom the mining industry, famous for it’s chemical emissions, is threatening waters and ecosystems in various locations, where clean nature offers the most possibilities for local people. It is grotesque that the people involved gather to discuss the mining industry as a sustainable activity while every emergency dam in the Talvivaara mine is leaking poisonous waste into Vuoksi waters.

The action is a protest against the industry and the state’s attempt to legitimize mining by discussing its “sustainability”. Protesters are reminding people that no such thing as “responsible”, “sustainable” or “green” mining exists. The Talvivaara mine in Sotkamo, Eastern Finland is a clear example that the only green things caused by mining are the polluted swamps and waters. The mining industry, famous for its chemical emissions, threatens the waters and other ecosystems crucial to everyone living in the surrounding areas. The action is arranged in solidarity with the Stop Talvivaara movement and all the people to whom mining industry causes suffering around the world.

The environmental activists feel that direct action is the only strategy left to make a difference since the Finnish government has decided to support mining and ignore the critical voices from the people completely. Thus, the public opinion has no impact in the parlamentary system. A revealing example of this is that the opening speaker for the two-day greenwashing conference is Heidi Hautala from the Finnish Green party.

The organising group of this protest, Hyökyaalto demands immediate shutdown of Talvivaara mine and abandoning all other mining plans.

Stop the mining boom!

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    I am so grateful for the new forms of energy being brought into production like the e-cat because if we don’t stop mining soon so many more will die before the cleanup can progress far enough. Not sure why some humans think that utterly poisoning and destroying whole area of the world and so many living beings is worth whatever they get from doing it-no matter what that is-but it has to stop soon. If we can’t do something 100% clean and without causing harm to the Earth, other living beings and ourselves by doing it, it simply is not worth doing. All that grey matter has to be useful for something more than making a huge mess!

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